Author: Cara Maxwell

Category: Historical Romance

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One exotic princess sick of being put upon a pedestal … plus a grumpy ex-gentleman focused on his career to the exclusion of all else … equals a wild mystery romance peppered with passion and subterfuge.

No one is more untouchable than a princess …

Her Royal Highness Princess Alexandra of Alvaria joins her father the King for an illustrious visit to Royal Ascot hoping for just two things – a break from the strictures of the royal court and a bit of adventure.

But that cannot stop him from wanting her …

Samuel Thorne has made a career of uncovering the dark underside of London’s haute ton. He enjoys subverting the society that burned him so badly. But Alexandra is from a whole other world – and when she enters his, she immediately turns it upside down.

But the very investigation that brings two lovers together may also be the one that tears them apart. If they survive this case, will they be able to put aside their enormously different social castes and give their love a chance?