Time Past by Elyse Douglas

Author: Elyse Douglas

Category: Historical Romance

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You Never Forget Your First Love

In 2022, 74-year-old Kate Clarke returns to her Ohio college town seeking redemption from a tragic past. She bursts from a secret cave to discover it’s 1968 and she’s twenty years old again. Can Kate find Paul, her true love, and prevent a tragedy that shattered her life, while the memories of her former life begin to fade, and the past is ever-changing?
In 2022, after the death of her husband, seventy-four-year-old retired teacher, Kate Clarke, returns to her small college town, seeking redemption for a tragic event that occurred in 1969 and completely changed the course of her life.
Kate hikes to the secret cave where she and her first love, Paul Ganic, had often met. After she enters, she passes out. When she awakens and bursts from the cave, it’s 1968, and she’s twenty years old again, before Paul Ganic was killed.
In this new 1968, nothing occurs as it had in the past, and the memories she had in 2022 are fading fast. This time, can Kate prevent the tragedy and have the future that was taken from her—a life and family with Paul Ganic?