Author: Vera Bell

Category: Historical Romance

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A haunted painter's past life visions are not the creative inspiration they seemed. They're a harbinger of her ancient revenge vow, and her FBI husband won't find the serial killer until she fulfills it. But it may already be too late.
"Past and present lives collide in Vera Bell's hauntingly beautiful debut. A sexy, sensuous tale, where connections are never truly lost and love is the most powerful force of all."
— Julie McElwain, national award-winning journalist and author of A Murder in Time
"A tantalizing medieval time travel novel. I give it 5 stars and hope to read more by Vera Bell!"
— Kathleen Kelly, Celtic Lady's Reviews
"Perfect for fans of Diana Gabaldon and Susanna Kearsley." 
— Goodreads Book Reviewer
1559, ULSTER, IRELAND. When a young noblewoman Neave McConway weds the newly elected King of Tyrone, Aedan O'Neal, the couple's rare union of love and passion becomes the talk of the region. But Aedan's bold rule and fierce defiance of the English crown threatens his powerful enemies, and they'll stop at nothing to crush his growing influence. After Aedan rides off to fight against the English occupiers, Neave suffers a shocking attack that will forever alter both their lives — as well as the lives they have not yet lived.
2009, WASHINGTON, D.C. While mural artist Siena Forte battles a creative block, her FBI husband Ryan Casey struggles with a serial killer case. When research leads Siena to the practice of Past Life Regression, she stumbles upon irresistible inspiration. But after her art exposes her to a vicious ancient adversary, she discovers the true reason for her past life visions. They're a harbinger of her centuries-old revenge vow, and the serial killer can't be stopped until she fulfills it. But there is another person from the past with unfinished business—her husband.
Will Siena and Ryan settle their long-overdue score, or will the past repeat itself in a chilling parallel?
If you love time travel romance with elements of suspense, mystery, fantasy, and a touch of magic, don't miss this thrilling read!