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Do you wish as a parent or teacher to assist your teens in acquiring

essential life skills

that will enable them to lead an independent life



you are at the right place…

If your teen lacks the skills to create and maintain an adult existence, it shouldn't come as a surprise that life might get difficult as he/she ages.In addition to being the most exciting, formative, and life-altering years of their lives,

teenage is the ideal time to start the healthy routines

that will lead to a fulfilling life.The "

Therapy Games for Teens and Middle

School students

" is brimming with exercises and practical advice that every teenager should complete before entering adulthood. This workbook

will teach and equip

your kid for a fulfilling

independent life

in all spheres.

With the help of this workbook

, all teens can learn the fundamental skills required to comprehend and handle problems encountered in daily life.The

goal of this book

is to equip you and your teen to stand on their own two feet while juggling the most

important parts of life

. It is split into

four parts

. If you want to give your teenager the most priceless and ideal gift that will ensure they are ready to confront life head-on with the mos







interpersonal skills


let us lead them on their path.The

book aims

to provide teenagers with the ideal self-help safety and success manual so they can develop healthy habits and make

wise decisions

that will lead to independence. This book does not only address teens but also parents and teachers. With the help of this workbook,

you and your teen will be able to


Learn social development skills including communication, relationship development, greater efficiency and creativity skillsBuilding self-esteem skills by focusing on challenging negative belief, identifying positivity, and improving physical health.Emotion’s regulations skills helping your teen in stress management, depression and anxiety management, Anger and mood disorder management, worry and fear management skills.

And a part is dedicated to

developing coping skills

through fun games and activities. If you're serious about giving your teen the best life skills so they can live independently...

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