Author: Arjay Lewis

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Winner of 6 Awards!He went from detective to wizard in a flash. Can he master his magic in time to thwart Armageddon? Eddie Berman wants his old job back. Ever since the detective rushed into a bust without backup, he's been wasting his talents in Central Park. But after investigating a bloody murder causes him to accidentally touch a powerful stick, he's summoned to a new calling by a magical, disembodied head...Entrusted with a staff from the Garden of Eden itself, Eddie learns that wizards are real and the apocalypse is coming. With his old job and a trip to Aruba looking farther and farther away, the detective must learn magic, uncover a rogue sorcerer, and confront something called "the great evil" before New York becomes a literal nightmare. Can Eddie protect and serve an impossible world, or will his first day on a new beat be his last?The Wizards of Central Park West is the first book in a series of urban fantasy novels and the winner of a 2018 National Indie Excellence Award. If you like heroic journeys, magical world building, and tongue-in-cheek humor, then you'll love Arjay Lewis' fantastical new vision of New York City. Buy The Wizards of Central Park West to spell out a new urban adventure today!