Author: Malory Ford

Category: Christian Fiction

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Simon Carson is a self declared lifelong bachelor interested in three things: ranching, woodworking, and staying as far from the responsibility of a family as he can. Plenty of young ladies catch his eye, but they all want something he's just not interested in giving.Samantha Paulson is a trick-riding, back-talking cowgirl who has made a life for herself riding in Jed Harper's Wild West Show. She's tough, smart, and if her fans are to be believed, a little crazy.Samantha's life is exactly as she wants it, thank you very much. That is, until someone starts sabotaging her act in the show and putting her in grave danger. The bosses send her out to a friend's ranch to hide out while they find the perpetrator, but her single cowboy father didn't exactly teach her to act like the other ladies in town. No, she knows horses better than she does people, and she'll earn her keep if she can.When Simon and Samantha meet, sparks fly and Simon starts to reevaluate everything he knows. That is, until Samantha's attacker goes on the hunt and may just be closer than they think. It'll be up to the Lord whether they have any hope for a future, or if they're doomed before they even start. Read more