Author: John M. Bushby

Category: Action & Adventure

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As the First World War draws to a close the forces that will bring about the next cataclysm are already at work. The rising tide of Bolshevism is in collision with nationalists and fascists. The Versailles Treaty failed as it was written and became the blueprint for another, more terrible war. America wants to retreat back across the ocean and yet there are those who know that the next time America needs to be prepared to defend itself.The Warszaw Express is the story of how an American pilot, Harry Braham is recruited to be a new kind of counterespionage agent, at a time when America was still trying to isolate itself. Just another young man caught up in events far larger than himself, he accepts the new challenge while finding the woman of his dreams. As he moves through France and Germany Harry faces danger with a Russian spy who must either seduce him or kill him. From Paris to Warsaw, the struggle for independence is played out on the Steppe and in the skies over Poland.With Harry Braham at the controls, the Warszaw Express hurtles into the middle of one of the twentieth century’s epic struggles.