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Create a home office that makes you smile and start getting ahead with the 5 simple steps of SORT and Succeed. Start here if:You are fed up with paperYou are fed up with emailYou are fed up with being disorganized throughout your lifeTurn any space into an upbeat home office you want to run to...not from. Tame never-ending email. Get rid of paper piles. Organize electronic files. Don’t wait to start getting things done.Darla DeMorrow is a Certified Professional Organizer ® with more than a decade of experience working in corporate offices and home offices. She developed the SORT and Succeed system to help you get organized and stay organized. Armed with behavioral science concepts that explain why you’ve gotten stuck before on organizing projects, you’ll be able to make changes that stick this time.Everyone deserves a home office. If you are an entrepreneur, a teacher, run a home-based business or work remotely, a home office is a necessity. Even if you don’t work from home, everyone needs a space to pay bills, answer email, and charge your electronics. You will have better time management skills in a home office that makes you smile.Faster than you thought possible, you'll learn to:Clear your deskReduce unwanted emailStop losing computer filesGo paper-less without scanningNever lose important papers againSave time with one change to your to-do listStay organized longerThe SORT and Succeed system is just five simple steps to organize your home office one area at a time. Once you SORT and Succeed here, use the same system in other rooms to create a home you love. Find time, save money, and overcome information overload with organizing strategies you’ll actually use. Complete your projects with a repeatable system for success. Work from home more productively to reach your professional goals.SORT and Succeed in your home office. Get your copy today.

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