Author: Kathy Wynne

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Are you worried about how your teenager’s future will turn out to be? Or are you unsure of how to provide the best parental supervision and guidance for your teen?

In a world filled with too many distractions, unlimited access to social media, the internet, and unsolicited social and family stressors, raising a teen in modern society can be emotionally debilitating and physically draining. That’s why this handbook for teen parenting is a must-have!

Raise Your Teenager the best way possible!

This teenagers parenting book contains tried and tested tips that will help you avoid pitfalls and build a peaceful and long-lasting relationship with your teenage child that will outlive the transition years to see them grow to be responsible, successful, healthy, and respectful adults.

Written by a parent for parents, this handbook for parenting teenagers allows you to gain a deep understanding of teenage behavior while providing you with practical solutions to help you navigate through the stormy modern-day teenager parenting. From popular topics such as communication, friendships, finances, social, school life to sensitive topics such as dating, sex, and drugs, this teen parenting handbook will take you on an incredible journey of teen parenting.

Kathy uses her own experience of successfully raising teens to provide you with parent-tested strategies and straightforward advice that will you communicate, connect, empower, and emotionally support your teenager in their pursuit of a meaningful and successful life.