Author: Ann Omasta, C.M. Love

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How can you hack your way to thriving in life?

You could scour the internet, searching hundreds of websites for the best tips and tricks to live better, but that would take countless hours and a great deal of research. Instead of wasting your time doing that, hack your way to a better life using this valuable book. In this guide, we have done the hard work for you, gathering the best life hacks and organizing them together in one easy reference location. You can relax, read, and streamline.This book is loaded with fresh ideas, timesaving tips, and tiny tweaks to help you optimize every area of your life.Whether you are looking to live smarter, be more productive, or simply find better ways of doing things, this book is for you.These helpful hacks are organized into the following categories: home, kitchen, on-the-road, work, kids, pets, health, beauty, clothing, and general.

With over 500 genius life hacks included, you are sure to find something (or many things) to implement and make your day-to-day living better.

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