Author: Bard Constantine

Category: Dystopian & Apocalyptic

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Meet Mick Trubble. He has a load of debt over his head, the Mob on his back, and half a bottle of Jack in his system. And that's just the start of his day.When a mystery lady enters his office with a load of cash to recover some stolen goods, he doesn't think twice about taking it on. After all, Mick’s business is trouble. And when business is trouble, then business is good. But when the stolen goods turn out to be the missing leg of a beautiful but deadly crime boss, Mick's problems get a lot worse. He's pulled neck-deep in a conspiracy that involves mobsters, femme fatales, an android with a murderous streak, and even the mayor of New Haven.He'll have to tackle the case with more than just sarcasm and his seven-shot revolver. It will take unlikely allies and quick thinking to stay one step ahead of catching a case of the New Haven Blues.Be sure to pick up the quick-paced story that fans refer to a 'Blade Runner meets Bogart,' and take a ride with the private eye of the future!