Author: Christina L. Rozelle

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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Perfect for fans of The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner, and other dystopian favorites, who are looking for something unique and different. A refreshing new voice in Dystopian YA, The Treemakers Trilogy packs a powerful punch with blends of mystery, adventure, sci-fantasy, horror, and current eco-issues."Stunning trilogy!" "Simply amazing!""This is what a truly great dystopian series looks like! Three completely different books (there's definitely no generic plot sequencing here!) all coming together to form one beautiful and heart-wrenching tale." The words of sixteen-year-old Joy Montgomery's late father, Zephyr the Magnificent, urge her onward in this quest for truth and freedom, with the allusion that all is not as it seems in Bygonne. Faced with the exhausting task of building mechanical trees that produce the precious oxygen they breathe, the Greenleigh orphan slaves piece together clues about the existence of a possible paradise beyond The Wall. But will the forbidden Greenleigh bunkers hold the secrets that will set them free? Joy and the treemakers are about to find out.**Content Advisory: This series contains themes which may be too intense for younger readers, and/or disturbing to those sensitive to violence, language, or gore.To be emailed directly when new releases become available, and for subscriber-exclusive freebies, sneak-peeks, and promotions from Christina Rozelle, sign up for 'The Rozelle Army' mailing list:

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