Author: Vera Tinyc

Category: Science Fiction

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Four scientists, born in four different countries, come together in an attempt to develop a technology for the transfer of a human mind, including its consciousness and memories, into an ultrafast neuromorphic network. They believe that their success can save mankind from a dystopian future while avoiding a


-type AI disaster. The team’s work is not made simpler by its three male members falling, one by one, in love to their female colleague. When one of them falls terminally ill, their project is moved underground and intensified…The author is a professional scientist/engineer with firsthand knowledge of the described hardware technology, and broad interests in related fields. As a result, this book is a semi-sci-fi, semi-popular-science combo, with a portion of layman-language (and hence understandable :-) social-economic philosophy on the side.

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"I found this a fascinating book, which I read in one sitting.”“Wonderful short novel, combining the engaging intrigue of the imagined (but very possible) near future and deep thoughts on the ‘meaning of it all’.”“‘The Transfer’ is more than a novel. I have read everything I could find since 1999 on the subject of transhumanism, and Véra Tíny? is the first to bring it to a possible reality.”“Vera Tinych is a fine storyteller with a strong scientific background whose fictional account of mind uploading sheds light on a compelling subject which may become reality in the near future.”