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Are you racking your brain for new and fresh ideas for your bootcamp?Do you struggle to find the time to program your group fitness class due to the responsibilities of your life, your job, your family and kids?Are you new to group fitness or just starting your own bootcamp and lacking the experience in programming your own classes?I'm here to help!This is a fantastic book for the bootcamp or group fitness instructor. Inside you will find varied and effective workouts that will have your clients getting stronger and leaner and coming back for more! Think of the time and energy you will save having these ready-made workouts available to you anytime. Anyone looking for new, fresh, and varied ideas in their programming, or anyone struggling to prepare programming while trying to balance the commitments of family, kids, and job can benefit by having these workouts.In The Trainer's Big Book of Bootcamps, you will find:52 original, proven, and challenging done-for-you workouts.Lots of dynamic warm-up ideas designed to safely and thoroughly prepare your class or bootcamp for a great workout.A detailed glossary describing the movements and exercises included within the book.BONUS! 13 additional workouts including several exciting partner workouts, along with numerous birthday and holiday themed workouts, guaranteed to entertain and challenge your clients at the same time!Just think! Fun and effective workouts are what keeps bringing your clients back for more - they are having FUN and seeing RESULTS! Whether you are a novice trainer looking for some guidance or an old pro looking for some new tricks, you will find The Trainer's Big Book of Bootcamps a GREAT resource to have.What's stopping you from giving yourself the freedom and help you need by having this resource available to you anytime?Scroll to the top and click on the "Buy Now" button! You'll be glad you did!