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Star charts, step-by-step projects, photos, and more: “The Total Skywatcher’s Manual is a fun book, but more importantly, it’s a useful book.” —Sky & Telescope
With fully illustrated star charts, gorgeous astrophotography, and step-by-step project instruction, this is the only guide you need to navigate the night (and day) sky. Learn about the phases of the moon, how to conduct your own deep-sky observations, how the universe is expanding, our search for life on other planets, meteors vs. meteorites, sunspots and solar flares, best eclipse-viewing techniques—everything you need to know to appreciate the wonder of our universe. The Total Skywatcher’s Manual will help stargazers, comet-spotters, and planet-seekers:
Choose the best telescope
Identify constellations and objects in the night sky
Search for extraterrestrial phenomena
Plan star parties
Capture beautiful space imagery and much more
For well over a century, the Astronomical Society of the Pacific has provided resources, tools, and information to astronomy enthusiasts, including amateur astronomers, families, and science educators. Now they draw on their wide-ranging expertise to guide you through the skies.