Author: Stavros Saristavros

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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????? Gritty, eloquent, and teaming with plot twists, Saristavros’ debut to The Fateful Force series is an unrivaled combination of immersive worldbuilding, gripping action sequences, haunting necromancy, and diverse fantasy races that will enthrall even the pickiest fantasy readers! One thousand years after the Third Demon War, Immortuos, the Demon God of Undeath is plotting to rise again. Immortuos is universally hated by all races and factions. Having discovered how to capture the essence of the dead by animating their corpses, he no longer requires mortal worship to ascend as the One and Only God.Little does he know, the greatest threat to his existence lies in the remote frontier town of Sanctuary, a haven for half-breed races trying to live human lives without the smothering pressure of orc influence and hobgoblin rule.When a motley crew of fantasy adventurers (The Fierce Force) discover a corpse that does not bleed in the no-man’s-land of the Wild Moor, they have no choice but to take on increasingly dangerous missions and the seemingly-impossible task of confronting Immortuos’ plot head-on.The Fierce Force consists of:Zom, a half-orc fighter who hunts full-blooded orcs for vengeanceAkke, a deceptive and cunning half-elf female bard, skilled in illusion spellsAiluros, an adventure-junkie panthor (Catman) ranger/barbarian, skilled in tracking and huntingOsho, a human monk serving the God of the Dead, skilled in hand-to-hand martial artsStep into this riveting Dungeons and Dragons-inspired adventure. Click “Add to Cart” today!*no dice required