Author: Carlos R. Tkacz

Category: Science Fiction

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Ten years have passed since the unrest that nearly tore the Inner Cluster apart from within. The Elder Council is no more, the Elders murdered by terrorists. The Inner Cluster has become almost unrecognizable, a military state preparing for all-out war. On one side, the Watchers, alien and silent predators from deep within the void of space, are near. On the other side, the Black Sun, warmongers risen from the ashes of the Coalition, bring their reign of destruction ever closer. Khalihl, Meiind, and Yscaiidt must each play their respective roles in saving humanity from annihilation while, at the same time, facing their very worst traits from within themselves. To do this, they will have to fight to hold on to the very things that make them each human.Praise for The Cluster Saga"Well written with a good flow... this saga presented an engaging, immersive depiction of the way humans seem to always take their personal beliefs too far.""This is a great read in the same vein as The Three Body Problem.""The books made me think -- about life, humanity, history, inability to learn from history, and continuation of extremist fundamentalism extending centuries into the future with some of the same destructive and divisive results.""Tkacz has an amazing story to give us, in a cerebral and thoughtful package. This is more Picard than Star Wars, and there is no clear hero’s journey here. He paints motivations and fears for each character, giving us not only a great action packed novel, but a galaxy of hope and of hopelessness, all tied together by the lives and very souls of his characters.""Excellent narrative that speaks equally to the possible future of our existence, as well as the current state of our geopolitical affairs. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a new universe to delve into."