Author: Mati H Fuller

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The Tarot Blueprint was written for people who want to learn the Tarot without having to memorize bullet points. By combining Tarot with the Chakras, you will discover how the Tarot is like a blueprint for our spiritual evolution. The Chakras give insight into different levels of consciousness, while the Tarot shows you what the story is through each one of those levels. Teaching through story telling makes it very easy to learn the cards. Once you remember the story, you will also know what part each of the cards play in the story. So, by the time you finish the book, you should be able to give deep and meaningful readings to anyone who asks for it without having to look up the card meanings in the "little white book." Your understanding of the cards will help you interpret the meanings in a very intuitive way, while allowing you to develop your own reading style. So, this is not your average Tarot book. And, who knows? Maybe this will be the book that finally makes Tarot "click" for you...