Author: Richard Murphy

Category: Business & Finance

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This is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know to land your dream job! While many books focus only on aspects of the job search such as interviewing or resumes, this book covers everything from start to finish including networking, utilizing social media, writing your resume, the best ways to search for jobs, phone interviews, in person interviews, thank you letters, weighing offers and negotiating to get the best offer possible! After all, why purchase 5 different books when you can purchase one book that covers it all! In this book I walk you through a three step program that consists of Positioning for Success, Pursuing Opportunities and Closing the Deal! This book will teach you that the job search process truly is an ongoing process in which you always need to be prepared for the next opportunity. Too often candidates only worry about finding a job when they lose their current job or know it is in jeopardy but the truth is some of the best job opportunities come when you least expect it. After reading this book you will be prepared with the knowledge and skill set to land your dream job!