Author: Samantha Wood

Category: Womens Fiction & Chic Lit

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“From a distance it looked like the carcass of a dolphin from one of the pods that lived in the bay. But dolphins didn’t wear hats. Or expensive leather shoes...”Late one night, when her husband Paul is asleep, Meg Patterson escapes her violent marriage. Driving across the Nullarbor with her twelve-year-old son Josh, Meg hopes this is their chance at a new beginning. But will they ever be safe from Paul?Paul, a trader at the Perth Stock Exchange, is being investigated for insider trading. Meg’s not only taken his son; she’s also taken his car and something very valuable inside it. Something Paul needs to get back before everything comes crashing down.David Harper, newly unemployed and living far from his family, is devastated when his wife calls from Singapore to tell him that her contract has been extended and she and their son Sebastian will be away for another twelve months. But when Meg and Josh move in next door, and Sebastian visits for the school holidays, things start looking up for David.Then a stranger arrives in town asking about Meg and her son. David knows it’s Paul. Somehow he has to protect Meg and Josh – and then the unthinkable happens…The Song of Clouds is a story about the healing forces of nature, about letting go of the past and embracing new beginnings and, ultimately, the power of love.