Author: Rose Pearson

Category: Christian Romance

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The Smithfield Market teemed with livestock and people during the 1800s. It was a rough neighborhood, but people have to live somewhere! The four stories in this boxset take place in the Smithfield Market neighborhood. These stories are rags to riches stories of orphans and their journey to a better life, filled with love and happiness. They require the suspension of disbelief, as the class divisions were rarely violated in those times. They are fun stories that tell the tale of orphans and daydreams come to life! A Rogue’s FlowerElsbeth Blakely, was just another young orphan at the Smithfield House for Girls, cooped up inside the great house with no freedom of her own.Life suddenly takes a turn for the worse when Elsbeth meets Viscount Andrew Radford. A notorious carousing rogue, Lord Radford sets his sights on Elsbeth to be his latest object of affection, expecting that she will simply fall into his arms as every other lady has.Despite being forced into working at the Radford estate, Elsbeth stands up to the young viscount, finding him determined to get what he wants from her.But, underneath it all, is Lord Radford really the scoundrel that he seems?Saved by a ScoundrelAlthough she never thought of herself as one of the lucky ones, Caroline Devonshire’s life could have been in a much dire state than it was at the age of 18.Orphaned when young, her older brother managed to secure her a home under the watchful eye of the widowed tavern owner, Mrs. Beeson, before setting off for war in France. When her brother, Peter, returns from war with a companion, a certain Lord Timothy Brandeis, she sees that the two of them have become scoundrels and rogues. Things become even more complex when Lord Bradeis’ duties as the second son of a Marquis force him to make an appearance at his family home and Caroline is shocked to find that this roguish Lord has a rather adventurous request to make of her.Soon she’ll need to collect all her wits to manage in a realm her active imagination had never dared to take her: the world of le bon ton in Regency Era England. Mending the DukeAlthough he was one of the richest men in the country, even all the money in the world couldn’t save his wife and first child from passing.Even a year later, the effects of tragedy linger through the halls and empty rooms of his estate.Out of desperation, Lord Royston’s sister arranges for a special guest from an orphanage to hopefully bring light and laughter into the Duke’s life once again for a short time.Now Laura Smith finds herself chaperoning Eloise, a delightful young orphan from the house she herself was raised, for a temporary visit to the opulent but mirthless estate of Lord Royston.As it turns out, maybe Eloise is not the only person the Duke might need to heal.The Baron’s MaladyLord Gideon Ward loved adventure and found and all he could handle as a British Navy captain stationed in India. But he was forced to return to England to deal with the Scarlet Fever epidemic took his father.Coming back home to accept the title that is his birthright, Gideon, now the Baron Dunstable, must once again face the world he left.London is still ravaged by the disease that claimed his very father, and it looks as though it is not yet finished with his family.A frantic search for a doctor brings him into contact with Josephine Noe, whose own life has been fully changed in the wake of tragedy left behind by the disease.Together, they do what comes naturally to two independent spirits who find themselves faced with hardships…everything they can.Other books by Rose PearsonThe Duke's Daughters Series – Now Available as a Boxset!A Rogue for a LadyMy Restless EarlRescued by an EarlIn the Arms of an EarlThe Reluctant MarquessLove and Christmas Wishes: Three Regency Romance Novellas