Author: Anya Mora

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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I won’t let my daughter be married to a thirty-eight-year-old man. She’s still a child herself.I was one of three Sister Wives living at Garden Temple.I should have told the police. But my husband Jeremiah knew my secret. That kept me there. Kept me in line.Just like his anger that shook the house. Blood in my mouth, tears in my eyes. And my heart broken so many times there was nothing left to pick up.Then they promised my daughter Olive to Bishop Thomas. He’s a grown man, she’s not even thirteen.So we escaped. But if my husband finds us, he’ll kill us.And now Olive walks into the kitchen, tears down her cheeks. Her eyes are wide, terrified.There’s a half-drunk glass of Coke in her hand. My husband’s one vice. “It was in your bedroom, Mom.”He’s been here, he’s been in the house.Please note this is a revised edition of The Sister Wife’s Secret.Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Jeneva Rose, Colleen Hoover and Keri Beevis.What readers are saying about Anya Mora’s absolutely unputdownable domestic suspense thriller:????? ‘Loved this book!! You will fall a bit in love with the main character and all she is going through.’ Ink In Her Veins Reviews????? ‘I couldn’t put this book down. It captivated me and I loved it. I recommend it to all readers. A five STAR read.’ Shirin????? ‘This is an intense read filled with mystery, suspense, drama, angst, and an ending that left me wanting more. I can’t wait to read the next book in this series.’ Michelle????? ‘Okay, this book is wild and I loved it! Who is the murderer? Will her past creep up and turn her every way but loose? You gotta read to find out!!’ Shanni????? ‘Wow! A fast-paced read that just keeps you guessing. I would think I had it figured out and find I didn’t have a clue!’ Sherelyn????? ‘Yet another gripping and intense read from Anya Mora. This one had me hooked the entire way through . . . Exquisite character work.’ Deb????? ‘A brilliant read. Wonderful, well-written plot and storyline that had me engaged from the start. Love the well-fleshed-out characters.’ Billie????? ‘Ohhhh man! I absolutely love a good mystery and what’s even better is that it’s leading into another mystery. Can’t wait for the next installment.’ StephanieAlso by Anya Mora:THE SISTER WIFE DOMESTIC SUSPENSE THRILLERSBook 1: THE SISTER WIFESTANDALONESMY HUSBAND’S WIFENOT MY BABYTHE PERFECT FAMILYTHE MOTHERTHE LITTLE GIRL I ALWAYS WANTEDTHE GLENNMARE GIRLS