The Silent Town by Anni Taylor

Author: Anni Taylor

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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THE SILENT TOWN is Book 3 of the Tallman's Valley Detectives series. Read the 1st in the series (ONE LAST CHILD) for free on Kindle Unlimited or (for a limited time) Amazon Prime.
Senior Detective Kate Wakeland senses dark undercurrents in her beloved small town, Tallman's Valley.
She's glimpsed a silent town lying beneath the valley - a place where the streets and landcapes are the same but where daylight never reaches. But as Kate begins to investigate the silent town, a shocking multiple shooting occurs on the mountain that bookends the valley - Witness Mountain.
Kate is forced to suspend all else and focus on the case at hand. How did a frail, elderly man manage to shoot his family? Did he have the help of his grandson - a teenage boy who can't account for his whereabouts that morning?
The height of a devastating fire season hinders Kate at every turn. Through the smoky veil hanging in the valley, Kate begins to suspect a connection between the Witness Mountain shootings and the silent town.
But the dangers are far greater than Kate ever imagined. There are people who will kill to conceal what they know and what they've done.
Questions and answers on the TALLMAN'S VALLEY DETECTIVES series:
Is each book a standalone?: Each book has a complete ending and can be read as a standalone. But if you intend reading the series, it's best to read them in sequence. There will be spoilers if the books are read out of order. The first two books have a small cliffhanger at the end that is not a part of the main story. There is an overarching background storyline running through the series.
Will the detective be the same each time?: The current series will all feature Senior Detective Kate Wakeland as the main character, right to the end of Books 1, 2 & 3.
Is Book 3 the final in the series?
Book 3 is the final of this series with Kate Wakeland.