Author: Stephanie Ewing

Category: Health & Self

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10 Steps to more energy!

? Do you hit the snooze button?

? Are you feeling stuck?

Stop putting your life on hold and instantly get on track to meet your goals. You will love this because it's quick, easy to implement and you can start today.

Read The Shower Habit now!

?At under 80 pages - this book is a quick read!


From the Back Cover

The Shower Habit will teach you how to:

Start your day with confidence without getting up earlier.Boost your productivity in meeting your goals.Reduce stress and increase happiness by following this simple morning habit.

You are not lazy. You are not a hopeless procrastinator. You just need to practice a little self-care through ramping up your morning routine. This process is designed to be enjoyable, rewarding and highly addictive so you won’t want to miss it!Don’t miss this opportunity to makeover your morning routine, motivating you to take action toward your goals. These simple changes will transform your life!

With just an hour or two, you can read and implement this short book! Do it now!