Author: Dr Shammy Noor

Category: Health & Self

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For generations, we have put up with the crippling effects of anxiety or depression on our minds and bodies. We have blamed these symptoms on all of the wrong things. From a weakness of personality or stature to an inability to deal with stress. For too many people in our age, depression and anxiety are still seen as made up entities, brushed off as an excuse and viewed as a sign of failure.In this book you will see this illness in a whole new light. And with this explanation will come a sense of relief and clarity. Things will make sense. The penny will drop. Common misconceptions will be identified and shown to be unable to hold up to even the most basic scrutiny.This illness, that for so many years in human history has played an insidious role in eroding great lives, hiding itself from sufferer and society, is about the get exposed.After it is exposed for what it is, we can conquer it, allowing us all to get on with our lives and ambitions in peace.