Author: J.S. Malcom

Category: Paranormal Romance

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Either I defeat the monster or I become the monster.

As if being locked up in the crazy house wasn’t bad enough, I wake up to discover that the person I trust most in the world just morphed into a bloodthirsty monster. My only chance for escape comes in the form of two women calling out from within a shimmering tunnel. So, it's either stick around and get murdered or jump through some kind of portal.

I take the option that doesn’t involve dying and find myself ushered into an ancient society of witches. I'm given a choice: I can either go it alone and take my chances or join their magical training program. The problem being I didn't even know I had magic, never mind the kind that can open a doorway between realms. But that’s exactly why I’m being hunted by a Fae demon looking to settle an old score. Now, I either find a way to defeat him or he’ll be using my magic to bring in the rest of his kind. If that happens, it won’t only mean the end for the world of witches. It’ll mean the end of the world.

The Shadow Order is a fast-paced, unpredictable new urban fantasy that readers are calling “amazing,” “with strong female leads,” and “full of excitement!” If you like snarky kickass heroines, fast-paced action, magic, witchcraft and romance, then grab it today!

Praise for The Shadow Order: Crossroads Witch Book 1:

“My favorite characters are back and they're just as kick butt and wonderfully snarky as ever."

“If you like strong female leads, you won’t find one stronger. The magic is strong, the characters real and you will not be able to put this one down!”

“We all know by now that JS Malcom is magical since everything she writes is gold. This book was no exception. Can't wait to get my greedy hands on the next in the series!”

“This story is amazing and I really can't wait for more!!”

“Fans of the author’s Veil Witch Universe, Fae Witch Chronicles, Demigoddess Chronicles, and Realm Watchers series will get an extra buzz here but newcomers who have never read a Malcom book are equally in for a treat.”

“I devoured this book, sacrificing many hours of sleep to find out what would happen next!"

“I loved it! Hands down!!”