Author: Bryant Willis

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The hardest step in self-improvement is often the first.

Is it even possible to even change your body after 50? After what age can my body not cope with workouts and physical activity? Should I even consider fitness if I have spent most of my life idle?

If you are interested in answering any of these questions, interested in learning about physical fitness at your age, then read on.

Life has a habit of trying it's best to get in between you and the things you want. It can break us down, and when considering the idea of transforming your body for the better, you might have thoughts like this:

"I don't have time to go to the gym", "I don't have the time to prepare meals", "I don't have a supportive environment", "I don't know how to do it, and I might look stupid", and what I hear the most is, "I'm too old for all this".

Yes, it is true, your younger years are behind you, but you are far from too old to get fit and healthy. In this book, I am taking you on a journey that will educate you about nutrition, exercise, and discipline. I will show you how these things influence your body and update you with the latest information and research in strength training. With the pertinent information at your disposal, you will build routines, diets, and workouts that will focus on achieving immaculate fitness.