The Seal Cove Theoretical Society by S.W. Clemens

Author: S.W. Clemens

Category: Humor

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From the author of the Kindle Scout winning Evelyn Marsh; and Time Management, a Novel; comes this gently humorous exploration of life (and death) on the San Mateo coast. A closet novelist. An erstwhile rock star. A retiring wine importer. A crab fisherman. A dot-com widow. What do they have in common? They're all denizens of the small town of Seal Cove in Northern California, and they're all members of a loose affiliation that calls itself The Seal Cove Theoretical Society.When Tom Birmingham has a near-death experience, Fate charges him with tying up "loose ends." A disparate group of neighbors rally to his aid, each bringing issues of their own to bear. The discovery of a cache of Prohibition Era liquor, and the auction/party that the Society stages, reveals the often-overlooked connections we find in Community.