Author: Lee W Brainard

Category: Christian Fiction

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2019 AUDIE AWARD FINALIST IN THE FAITH-BASED CATEGORY --- When rookie astronomer Irina Kirilenko discovers a massive comet on a collision course for Mars, she faces stonewalling from the MPC, then stricture from NASA. Realizing that the government has imposed a cover-up, she reveals the comet to fellow astronomer Ariele Serrafe, placing both in the crosshairs of government agents. Set in a subtly dystopian, near-future America, The Rogue, the first volume of the Planets Shaken series, is a thought-provoking apocalyptic thriller based on Luke 21:26, “The planets of the heavens shall be shaken. ” This series is written from a Christian perspective and contains no profanity or sensuality. Many of the characters reference the Bible and exhibit Christian values.