Author: EH Lorenzo

Category: Historical Romance

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After losing track of the woman that he loved, Richard searched the English countryside. A series of events thwarted his search, but he persisted. As a young boy, Richard had been adopted by poor, medieval, peasant farmers, but he learned early that he disliked farming. He felt that he had more important work to do and he knew that he had to get off the farm. Most important to him though was his love for a beautiful girl. When they married the future looked bright for the young couple. However, the challenges of medieval life presented them a twist of fate that neither could have expected. How could they overcome their circumstances and meet their challenges? Would they remember their love for each other? (Note: This book is written in a clean style.)James longed to join the priesthood, but after he did his views raised the ire of his superiors. Could he escape the same fate that had befallen others before him?During this medieval time, really not so long ago, lives were greatly impacted by limited capability to travel and communicate over even small distances. How did the lack of communication and transportation affect their lives? Life was hard, but they didn't know any different. Note: This fourth edition modifies some of the old English text. Some words in the dialog are intentionally misspelled to simulate an old English accent. Length = 100,000 words (270 pages (8.5 X 11))You will enjoy reading this book without being offended by vulgarity, violence and sexual innuendo.

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