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High in Protein, Full of Fibre, Packed with Vitamins, Minerals and Essential Nutrients… Quinoa Truly is Natures Super foodQuinoa still remains an unknown food to most people…It has lurked in the corners of the dietary world for years and only now is it beginning to fully reveal itself. This means that many people have skipped over this delicious gluten free, protein packed grain without knowing just how amazing it is, and why they need it in their life.A diet high in quinoa will help you lose fat, increase your energy, feel healthier, build muscle, lower blood pressure and lower your cholesterol.It is arguably the best food available to you. This book provides over 40 delicious recipes so that you can get more quinoa in your diet. Every recipe tastes amazing and is simple to make.You will never guess all the delightful dishes you can whip up with quinoa… How does eating pancakes, muffins, quesadillas, soups, burgers and much, much more sound? So grab the book now and learn how you can make your breakfast, lunch and dinner healthier with lip-lickingly good quinoa recipes. I just know you’re going to love the book and love the new healthier you. P.S. If you buy the book today you also get an awesome free gift... just my way of saying thanks! Tags: cookbook, cooking, recipes, cook book, recipe book, recipe, healthy recipes, food, eating

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