The Paths Between the Stars by Amira K. Makansi

Author: Amira K. Makansi

Category: Teen & Young Adult

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She lives in a world of deadly shadow. He lives in worlds of vibrant color. Together, they must find a path to the light. A Wrinkle In Time meets Thirteen Reasons Why in this explosive, genre-bending tale.Seventeen-year-old Noomi Perez is desperate for an escape. In the years since she watched her father die, she’s experienced blinding attacks of darkness she calls “shadows.” After years of therapy, countless drug regimens, and a rotating cast of mental health specialists, the shadows are only getting stronger. But when Noomi seeks the escape she craves by dousing herself in gasoline and striking a match, she walks away unscathed.The next day, Noomi meets a boy with iridescent eyes who seems to know something about the shadows that haunt her. But when she asks his name, he vanishes.As the shadows grow stronger and threaten to swallow her whole, Noomi must find a new way forward. The path she charts will open her eyes to worlds she could never have imagined—and put her in more danger than she could ever have believed.For fans of Madeleine L’Engle, Philip Pullman, and Laini Taylor comes an extraordinary new tale of hope, courage, and discovery.“This is exceptionally well-done science fiction.” Lynne Hugo, author of The Testament of Harold’s Wife“A beautiful world with compelling characters and crisp descriptions.” —N. Z. Nasser, author of Midlife Dawn

“I loved the story and the worldbuilding. It even had me close my eyes for a moment to see if I could see the paths on my eyelids (no luck for me, but such a clever concept).” —Jamey Stegmaier, author and founder of Stonemaier Games Read more