Author: Robert Rogers

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Do you lack an experienced mentor in your life? Are you frustrated at work or home? Do you need to establish some new habits or get a new perspective to figure some things out? Are you willing to take back 1% of your time each day? Well maybe I can help. I’ve written The Paperback Mentor to share my experiences and inspire others through new perspectives. I am an endeavoring Christian, striving Husband and imperfect Father of three; two buns from the oven and one off the shelf (my way of saying step-kid). I am also a disabled Veteran and continue to faithfully serve my country as Chief Master Sergeant in the Air Force Reserve. Along the way I've made my fair share of mistakes. I've been through two divorces, prolonged physical ailments, a stress induced autoimmune disease that caused me to go bald, loss of lives, depression, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, spiritual turmoil, long periods away from home, blended family situations, a boat load of crazy family scenarios and countless work related challenges. Throughout all of this, I’ve had several Aha moments, accumulated a decent amount of life experience and developed different ways of looking at things I would like to share with you. So don't let my experiences go to waste. Let’s connect in this book and see if we can solve your problems or approach your challenges with a new perspective.