Author: Simon Hawkins

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Time is short. Ridiculously short. As songwriters, there are a million things that try to take us away from our precious time doing what we love doing — the beautiful craft of songwriting. The Organized Songwriter – How to Create Space to Write Your Best Songs offers fresh insights to help you be more productive. Just like a pro.Andrea Stolpe, instructor at Berklee Music School, multi-platinum recorded songwriter, artist, and author, says about this book:"A fantastic read that cuts to the heart of what it feels like to struggle and triumph as a creative. This book is a wealth of action steps to push through the invisible barrier that keeps many of us stuck. A fresh perspective that blends the mystery of creativity and the tangibility of results-driven music-making."Does any of this sound familiar?- You try to write a cool song, but a million things stop you from writing your best work.- You need your best song ideas to introduce to your co-writer, but they are nowhere to be found.- You've spent a fortune on software and hardware, but still not sure you've got the right tools you need to be a successful songwriter.- You want to be a prolific songwriter but, just when you're inspired, there’s not enough time to finish it.Ultimately, do you worry that life is moving way too fast for you to make the impact as the songwriter you are called to be?In The Organized Songwriter, award-winning songwriter Simon Hawkins gives you solutions to these issues and more, including:- Well-developed professional ways to organize your precious ideas and songs.- The tools of the trade for pro songwriters.- Tips for making the most of your co-writing sessions.This book also builds on the foundation of Song Maps — A New System to Write Your Best Lyrics, with a second Songwriter’s Secret Weapon, and another FREE Workbook.Whether you’re an experienced songwriter or you’ve only just discovered the beautiful craft of songwriting, this book is packed full of insights into how you can become a more prolific and successful songwriter. The Organized Songwriter.