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The Office Game shows you how to effectively maneuver through Corporate America and how to build, protect, and grow your personal brand throughout your career—all with a 21st century touch.

If you're in Corporate America already and have fallen victim to the political perils and career pitfalls within the office environment, you may feel defeated. If you just received that college degree and have a potential job offer on the table, you may feel nervous as you venture to this unknown territory that involves office codes of conduct and rules of engagement.

The Office Game dives into a variety of areas to give you a fundamental understanding of the unwritten rules that people don't tell you about Corporate America. Whether you're in the midst of corporate chaos already or are simply brand new, today marks the day you don't have to figure out these rules through unnecessary experiences alone. This book walks you through scenarios and provides you solutions so that you're prepared ahead of time, which sets you up for success. This book will debunk myths and educate you on best practices.

President of Kossen Communications, K. V. Scott, provides you with your own personal "GPS" in this book to help get you from where you are now to where you want to be. With over 20 years of Corporate America experience, he comes with an understanding of the past and the innovative approaches to deal with current trends.

Although the corporate environment has evolved over time with technology and diversity, human nature and core attributes of the system remain the same. Learn how to master the job within the job, and become the best professional version of yourself.

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