Author: Sienna Sway

Category: LGBT

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Mistaken identity, kidnap, impending war and forced marriage to an ogre... What is a prince to do?

THE PRINCEWhen Prince Nemir is forced to leave his cushy homeland to make nice with a neighboring kingdom, he knows the trip will be unpleasant. He's not much of the outdoorsy or adventurous type and Tasnia is known for its roughness, its chimera, swamps and worst of all, its ogres...THE OAFSoluc is the leader of the militia of the oves, the ogre-elf hybrids of Tasnia. But controlling a group of half monsters who want nothing more than to draw blood and have fun is proving more complicated than he expected. Especially with a jealous brother, and an extra prince in the kingdom to confuse and entice him...

The Oaf's Prince is a fantasy adventure, featuring a half ogre who is better than he thinks he is, a spoiled prince and a forced marriage bond that is impossible to resist...

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