Author: Raquel Belle

Category: New Adult Romance

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Hayley Wright has a crippling fear of being alone. It seems like she’s always been attracted to the kind of man who’s bad for her. The kind who’s great in bed but less ambitious than a grapefruit. In fact, it’s been one textbook bad-boy after the next, and it’d left her feeling so defeated that she decided quit dating altogether…for a whole year!But a woman has needs, and she met Eric. Good, stable, boring and dependable Eric. He loves her way more than she loves him and it feels good to be on the other side of the equation for once, even though the sex is not the best…but that’s not all relationships are about are they?She’s finally getting her life together and things are going great when the universe decides to throw her a curve ball…and James Sumner walks in to her life.He’s tall, dark and handsome…covered in tattoos, listens to punk rock and wears a leather jacket. He’s everything Hayley’s been avoiding, he’s her kryptonite…and she can’t stop thinking about him.She wants to put him out of her mind because she knows that Eric is the right man for her…or is he? Does she really want the rest of her life to be boring in bed with a clingy, needy man like Eric?The feeling is definitely mutual because James can’t seem to stop thinking about Hayley either. Their attraction is undeniable and the chemistry is like nothing she’s ever felt.When a friendship starts to blossom between them, Hayley begins to doubt everything she knows. She wants to be with James, but is he really the kind of bad-boy who’ll break Hayley’s heart? Is she meant to be with Eric? Is she meant to be alone? There’s only one way to find out!