Author: Ryan Kinzy

Category: Children & Middle Grade

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Lauren hates the idea of starting a new life in space. Just because her dad lost his job and couldn’t find one on Earth, their whole family has to move all the way out to the fringes of the galaxy, the Cielo Outpost, a complex of space stations near the asteroid belt. She and her sister Julia just don’t understand why this is happening to them.The sisters struggle to adjust and try to make life as normal as it can be on a space station. That is until one of Julia’s science experiments makes them mysteriously ill. After that, things change. Creatures unlike those they have ever seen before lurk on the fringes of their after school hang outs. And then, strange human like creatures begin appear around the station.The two don’t know the extent of it until they go with their father to the newest station in the complex. There, they find that these creatures have taken over the minds of the humans on the stations and are threatening to spread their reign of control to Earth. Is there anything they can do to stop them?The Cielo Space Chronicles is a middle age science fiction series intended for children ages 8 - 14.