Author: C.L. Salaski

Category: Horror

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"An intense, unforgettable story. A novel you won't want to miss!"--Darcy Coates, USA Today Best-Selling author of The Haunting of Ashburn HouseOne man against a Goliath of epic proportions.A challenge he never dreamed of.When David Reid’s mother ends up in a strange nursing home on the coast of Maine, things begin to go wrong very quickly.Once a magnificent seaside hotel, Haven is now in decline, its eerie gothic structure fading like the residents who live inside.Dealing with a cold-hearted head nurse and the inept staff is an endless battle that saps David’s resolve. And to make matters worse, his mother claims ghosts are haunting the facility.But David knows there’s no such thing as ghosts. That is until he makes a shocking discovery.A discovery that leads him to the answer to mankind’s greatest question."If you like intriguing characters, spellbinding suspense, and thought-provoking stories, then this novel is for you!"—George Gallo, screenwriter of Midnight Run, Bad Boys and Middle MenGet your copy now and enter a world where compassion and corruption collide.WHAT READERS ARE SAYING ABOUT "THE NEGLECTED ONES"Blown away, absolutely blown away! What would you do if this was happening to your mother or father....or you? - ServangirlThe author builds the mystery of the ghosts and creates a perfect atmosphere. Kudos to C L Salaski for such a great book! - BrendaI was surprised to find such a deep theme within a horror story, but loved it! I would recommend for fans of spooky tales that have moral stories embedded. - BookAddict’sReviewsThis story hits home with its truths about our elderly generation and nursing homes. The supernatural element was creepy and mysterious. - DebbieThough this story is fiction, the events are taking place every day and something has to be done to stop it. - Rhonda Mulkey