Author: Clare Bell

Category: Fantasy

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All five books in one volume: This fantasy epic about sentient prehistoric wild cats is “powerful, moving, and memorable” (Booklist, starred review).

In this adventurous series by a PEN Award–winnning author, Ratha belongs to the Named, a clan of intelligent prehistoric cats who roam a primal landscape and battle for their lives against the savage enemies that stalk the territory.

Ratha’s Creature: Young Ratha is a herder, not a hunter. But when she’s exiled from her clan after mastering the power of fire, she must survive the unforgiving wild with only her blazing “creature” to aid her.

Clan Ground: Ratha’s ability to control fire could help her clan grow stronger and even dominant—or wreak havoc from within. Now, she must choose the correct path to prosperity, or the Named will surely be doomed.

Ratha and Thistle-Chaser: When Ratha clashes with a cat who guards an ocean and its creatures, the two discover a common bond—and unite against a demonic enemy.

Ratha’s Challenge: The Named encounter another tribe, and Ratha is torn between friendship and conquest. But her daughter may hold the solution—if she and Ratha can overcome their dark past.

Ratha’s Courage: When Ratha’s clan shares the power of fire with another tribe, a disastrous blaze ignites a clash between them, and it’s up to Ratha to end the carnage.