Author: Harrison Graves MD

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Welcome to this interactive ebook on the chakra mantras.Interactive? Because of the links to youtube where you will learn how to chant. Simply click the hyperlinks in each chapter to experience the mantras.It is a simple e-book, designed with the beginner in mind, although my hope is that advanced students will enjoy it too. Here you will find easy-to-understand answers to these three questions and more:1. What is the chakra system, and why is it so important?2. What makes Sanskrit mantras unique?3. What Sanskrit mantras are used to tune (activate and balance) the chakras?As a bonus, in Chapter 4, I will introduce you to the Yoga of Sound, the much larger system of sound healing of which the chakra mantras are an important part. Finally, I’ll end the book with my prescription for you,a recommended home practice, or mantra sadhana.As a medical doctor, I used to prescribe pills.As a mantra yoga practitioner, I now prescribe mantras.I go straight to the healing mantra appropriate for the condition.According to Dr. David Frawley, “Mantras are important medicines in themselves, and have been lauded as such since Vedic times.”I predict that one day mantra yoga will become the new psychiatry, a path back to wellness and happiness without prescription drugs and their side effects. * * *I believe that chanting these mantras will help you to achieve one of the main goals of yoga: peace of mind...becoming more sattvic...more serene, balanced and harmonious.