The Moonballers by Jeffrey Sotto

Author: Jeffrey Sotto

Category: Humor

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“?????????? A riotous, candy-coloured LGBTQ2 satire ... Perfectly pitched, scoring big laughs, heart-felt moments, and even tears, Sotto crushes it ...” ~Book Viral
“?????????? … readers certainly won’t want to miss The Moonballers if they’re looking for laughs and hijinx, but also something that leaves you thinking more deeply about prejudice at its end." ~Readers’ Favorite
“The book is sure to offend some readers (in a good way) as it truly puts the gay in gay repartee … Exceptionally well-written, this book is a hit.” ~The US Review of Books
“???????? & 1/2 stars! A charming, unapologetically campy, funny, and surprisingly touching look at the lives, struggles, and joys of a group of gay (and one straight!) tennis players, The Moonballers engages both heart and humor in equal measure.”~Indie Reader
“There are laugh-out-loud moments interspersed with moments that will leave the reader reaching for the tissues. There are thrilling twists that the reader won’t see coming but will relish for the rest of the story.” ~The Feathered Quill
“Significant character interaction? Check. A fantastic found-family trope? Check. Humor? You betcha. And coming to terms with yourself? Absolutely. This is an excellent story of making the most of our time together with the people you care about the most … If you love great friendships—if you love love dealing with the viciousness of yourself—you’ll really enjoy this book.” ~The Independent Book Review
Winter 2016. The Toronto Torches—aka the Toronto Gay and Lesbian Tennis League—had come to a crash under mysterious circumstances.
Spring 2020. A new queer tennis organization has been created in the nearby wanna-be-downtown suburb of Torpedo Valley. Proud and out Stefan “Steffi” Porsche relishes in his dominance as both the President of the league, and—coincidentally—the league’s best player. That is, until strapping and super talented Khalid Adam arrives. But differences threaten to disrupt the order of the gay institution: Khalid is … STRAIGHT, sending Stefan into a neurotic tizzy.
Will the hyper-competitive and heterophobic Stefan maintain his invincibility, or will Khalid dethrone him? Can Khalid—and all those outside the queer majority—be kept from invading the sacredness of the gay tennis league? Or will President Stefan succeed in his quest to “MAKE TENNIS GAY AGAIN!”?
With a colourful cast of characters, campy humour, and dramatic twists à la Pedro Almodóvar, The Moonballers: A Novel about The Invasion of a LGBTQ2+ Tennis League … by Straight People (Gay Gasp!) is an action packed and wacky sports parody about intolerance, love, and the absurdity of socio-political extremes that will hit you like a hard shot straight to the face!