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Would you like to follow a method that allows you to raise a healthy and happy child? Do you disapprove of certain educational systems that are too rigid and authoritarian? Would you like to discover your child's real needs in relation to every age group?

If your answer is


, then

this is the guide you are looking for!


,? Imagine finding yourself in this situation: you are in the checkout line at the supermarket and your baby starts crying inconsolably! Everyone else in the queue behind you starts getting impatient and you start to feel anxious and wonder why your child is behaving in such a way!? Imagine going to pick up your child from nursery school and finding them in the corner, facing the wall, as a punishment... How would you react? Is the teacher doing the right thing or not?? Recall those moments when you were together with your friends, and you noticed with dismay that the only way they could entertain their children was to put a mobile phone in their hands.In these and many other situations, applying the principles of the Montessori Method can help!BY CHOOSING THIS



with a single book

, you will discover or deepen your knowledge of both the theoretical and practical fundamentals of the Montessori Method?. you will

save a lot of money

by learning how to make some of the most famous Montessori games at home!?. you will discover in detail

how your child's mind works

, which are the

phases of their development

and their

real needs

according to each single age group from 0 to 3?. you will raise an


and, therefore,


child!?. you will learn how to easily

organize your home

and make it ideal for your child's

intellectual and psycho-physical development

?. your child

will learn while having fun

and develop their skills thanks to the most

delightful and effective practical activities

to do together both at home and outdoors!I will also provide you with


to make the 4 Montessori hanging mobiles at home in just a few simple steps and in no time!So don't waste another minute of your time and start enjoying your child’s wonderful path for growth now!


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