The Money & Meaning Journey by Jeff  Bernier

Author: Jeff Bernier

Category: Business & Finance

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“I’ve had a successful career, and I’m financially comfortable—but it still seems like something is missing.”
You’re not alone. Jeff Bernier has seen countless people in this situation—they seem to be living the American Dream, but they find themselves missing out on joy and a sense of purpose. In The Money and Meaning Journey, Bernier imparts some of the wisdom he has gained from over thirty-six years of being a financial advisor who understands that the goal of financial planning should not be to outperform the market, but to fund your dreams.
This book outlines a goal-focused and evidence-based process that focuses on the rate of return you need to fulfill those dreams. Sure, you’ll read about risk management, retirement planning, investments—but more importantly, you’ll receive guidance on discovering the larger, more significant purpose that all of these subjects serve.
This is a new kind of finance book: one that doesn’t separate your bank statement from your inner life, your spiritual quest from your material needs, or your money from your life’s meaning.