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Are you a woman who is planning to get pregnant? Or are you already pregnant and wondering what is the healthiest way to transform your lifestyle for the best pregnancy experience? Have you been looking for resources that can help prepare you mentally and physically for life before and after giving birth? If your answer is yes to any of these questions, then this is the perfect book for you!

Studies show that over 10% of women agree that the transition to parenthood is a vulnerable time for mothers’ mental health. They want some social support, assurance that they’re on the right track, and guidance to make their journey successful. Do you feel the same way?

The Modern Trope to Childbirth

is more than just a pregnancy book to get you through the nine months of carrying your baby. It’s a comprehensive four-part guide that will prepare you before you conceive, lead you through your pregnancy, advise you throughout the childbirth process, and give you the best tips for recovery and how to take care of your newborn.Inside

The Modern Trope to Childbirth

, you’ll discover:

Preparatory advice on everything you should know before you fall pregnant. This includes how you should improve your health, when you should see an OB-GYN, and how you should choose one.

Five compelling methods to track and take advantage of your ovulation, even if you’ve struggled with this before.

Seven things you should consider during your pregnancy that most people ignore.

How to take care of yourself and your baby after you give birth. Plus: a postpartum guide for all doting fathers who want to have the best experience with their families.

When to contact your pediatrician and the milestones to look out for during your baby’s one-week age.

Ways to have a smoother childbirth experience, including the signs and stages of labor, delivery procedures, and a detailed hospital packing list so that you don’t panic on that special day.

After reading this book, you’ll never doubt your capabilities of being a good parent again. All the methods and advice in the book are effective and can be trusted.

Are you ready to welcome your bundle of joy? Then grab

The Modern Trope to Childbirth