Author: Thomas Fincham

Category: Crime Fiction

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FROM THOMAS FINCHAM, THE NEW VOICE IN CRIME AND SUSPENSE GENRE. A MYSTERY THAT WILL KEEP YOU GLUED TO YOUR CHAIR UNTIL THE VERY LAST PAGE.What happened to Lana Anderson?One beautiful morning, David Becker, a respected lawyer, jumps off an overpass and onto incoming traffic.  Detective Dana Fisher and Detective Greg Holt are tasked to find out why Becker decided to kill himself in such a public manner.  Before they could begin their investigation, Fisher is pulled away from the case.  Her brother, Casey, is in trouble and he needs her help.Private Investigator Lee Callaway will finally get to spend the entire day with his daughter, Nina.  But when Callaway finds out who the jumper is, he has no choice but to begin his own investigation. To solve the mystery of Becker’s death, Callaway must find someone who has seemingly vanished into thin air.If you love a good mystery, you’ll love The Missing Mistress!