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DO YOU HAVE DIFFICULTY MANIFESTING? If the Law of Attraction isn't working for you it may be that your programming, that began at birth, is blocking you from what you desire. All the negative events, negative emotions and feelings you've experienced during your lifetime are stored in your subconscious mind and they block success without you even realizing it. Are you ready to release them so your dreams can come true? A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO MANIFESTING Most Law of Attraction books are geared more toward philosophy than practical exercises. The exercises in this book will help you shift your mindset to one of success. The Law of Attraction works 100% of the time to attract what you are energetically in alignment with and this book helps you align your energy with the energy of your desire. The quick, easy to follow exercises you do at bedtime give you step-by-step instructions on how to clear old negative thoughts, beliefs and baggage so you can immediately begin to reap the rewards. LEARN HOW TO: Stop sabotaging yourself and begin to attract more of what you desire; Clear out your subconscious baggage from as far back as childhood; Replace a defeated attitude with one of confidence; Attract and resonate with a compatible partner; Heal your body, mind and soul and create a healthy and energetic YOU; Live an inner and outer world of love, gratitude and peace; Have more self-esteem and self-worth than ever before; Resonate with the energy of money and financial security; Create a loving union with your mate through the power of your entanglement; Connect and positive influence others using a guided exercise; Initiate guidance and get answers from your subconscious or superconscious mind; Energetically connect with your partner using a specific technique; Live the life you desire to live! THE SECRET Is to release self-sabotaging beliefs and align yourself with success! For over 20 years I have taught women to effectively use the Law of Attraction as well as other "secret" techniques and they have been extremely successful. Don't give up on your dreams because you've failed in the past. If you want to change your life, live your dream, and be happy, I hope you will begin this journey toward prosperity with me today. I promise you will be glad you did.  FOR WOMEN ONLY BOOKS Check out the other #1 best selling books in the series and learn specific "secret" techniques that will change your life! ;-) Pussy Whip uses a "secret technique" that will make him miss you, ignite the love and keep you on his mind. How to Make Him Burn With Desire uses a secret remote seduction technique to make him desire you passionately.Breakup to Makeup is a must-have book if you are trying to get your ex-husband or ex-boyfriend back into your arms. Don't be without this guide! Manifesting Love gives you a powerful love spell to make anyone fall in love with you, teaches you EFT to alleviate love anxiety, and teaches you LOA for love techniques. Pussy Power is a great book for tips on how to keep your man interested in you, empowerment and positive reinforcement.READY FOR MIRACLES?The Miracle Mindset Program will CHANGE YOUR LIFE! Available ONLY on my website.