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Effectively manage anxiety with simple, modern practices that help with finding inner peace and calm in life.
Many of us, at some stage, suffered with nagging worries, a pounding heart, cold sweats, sleep deprivation, numbness, raised blood pressure, and a whole list of other painful symptoms that seem to dominate and destroy your life. You’re not alone! Numerous studies indicate that anxiety affects many of us, and anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue among adults.
This workbook embodies various proven effective tools and strategies in an easy, user-friendly format that will guide you through understanding your anxiety, identifying where it comes from, and learning how to best approach it in a unique way that will work for you. With practical exercises and solutions, this workbook is a treasure trove of experience, caring, and companionship to those who suffer through this often misunderstood emotion that can affect the quality of your life.

The Mindfulness Workbook to Conquer Anxiety includes:
• A deeper understanding of the roots of your anxiety
• Over 40 various practical exercises to help manage your anxiety in a wide range of situations
• Simple Mindfulness practices that will teach you how to stay centered and calm in order to gain control over your emotions
• Time-tested effective journal writing practices which help you under-stand your fears and release them
• Special emergency techniques to quickly regain your balance in case of a panic attack
• ...and much more
You can’t control when or where your anxieties act up, but you can develop empowering tools in your arsenal to reclaim the power that your fears have taken from you—and lead a life of value.
So, take a deep breath…you’re just a few moments away from the path to less anxiety!

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