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Are you ready to manifest exactly what you want...make more money...& have an epic life? Following his near-death experience, one simple shift in awareness tripled David Neagle's wages-his annual income then became his monthly income. The Millions Within documents David's journey from high-school dropout to multi-millionaire entrepreneur. And, while David's rise to financial freedom began as a dockworker, his dedication to learning and applying the UNIVERSAL LAWS were at work behind his unlikely success. In this guide to the laws of the Universe-how life works, and how you, your beliefs and your intentions function to produce the results and circumstances (positive & negative) you experience daily-learn how to employ conscious, intentional use of these rules to produce the results (financial and personal) that you dream of...NOW! The teachings contained inside the pages of The Millions Within are nothing short of the gateway to prosperity, no matter where you're starting from, or how long you've struggled. The trick lies in understanding where you are now is NOT where you think it is!