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You ever sat back and wondered where some of these men found their baby’s momma? You know, the ones who always in the club while their children are home with granny. The ones who drink and smoke while carrying a new life, the ones who take them to court every chance they get to raise their child support? What about the ones who don’t let them see their children, who turn their children against them or who hate their children because daddy doesn’t want or love her? Yeah, you know them and you wonder just like we all do. Having a messy baby momma has got to be the worst thing in the world if you ask many. But then again, some men are just as messy. In this five-book series you will meet some very messy baby mommas’; each book telling one of their stories. The stories of the ones who are not happy to be a baby momma and want more and the ones who shouldn’t have been mother in the first place. These five women like to keep up as much drama as humanly possible. There is nothing they won’t do, no where they won’t go and no measures they won’t take to make their baby daddies and the people in their circle lives a living hell. Some feel they are entitled to what they want, some just don’t want to see their baby daddies happy and others just want what’s fair. This five-part series will give you the trials, tribulation, drama, and mess of each woman. These are the stories of Tasha, Brit, Armani, Q and Salena.